Welcome to Madrid Tourism

Image Credit: Barcex CC BY-SA 2.0

Image Credit: Barcex, CC BY-SA 2.0

Welcome to Madrid! The vivacious capital of Spain. This city is the arresting pulse of the country with its liveliness.

It may not have the architectural structures to boast about such as those present in Barcelona, but nevertheless is one of the most captivating places to be in and enjoy the Spanish atmosphere especially around the Old Madrid of Habsburgs including the Plaza Mayor and Puerto del Sol.

Madrid is the cultural epitome where Spanish art is flaunted in full glory. The largest bullring at Las Ventas is a great venue to check out the bullfights and the fervent aficionado.

This is the city that lures you with its seductive flamenco joints and bars where you can soak in an unforgettable experience that will be deeply etched in your memories for years to come.

Madrid is a delectably throbbing city where its dwellers are as passionate about football as they are about their bullfights and flamenco dances. The Real Madrid football club is another major pull with thousands thronging the Bernabeu stadium almost every other weekend. This city is 646 meters above the sea level and houses the Public Administration Headquarters, the Spanish Parliament and is home to the royal family of Spain.

Madrid has the typical continental climate with cold winters and hot summers that could deter those who do not take pleasantly to extreme climatic conditions. For them the best time to visit this city is during spring and autumn. Madrid’s cultural treasury is filled with numerous art galleries and museums and a royal palace that speaks of its rich heritage. This place has not been many a conqueror’s much desirable reward for nothing.

For those who have been born and brought up in highly developed and planned locations the Masalana is a great place to be, where they can experience a queer environment with cobble stones, posters, graffiti and street art that adds a charm and brings out the beauty in the disorganized system.